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הינך נמצא כאן

פעילות המכון בעולם

המכון לחינוך לקיימות - יוצרים תרבות בת קיימא
פעילות המכון בעולם

The Green Wall Vertical Farm

The Green Wall Vertical Farm - How to Grow an Urban Food Garden - Kenya Sustainable Agriculture

The Magic Results of Listening

The magic results of listening

No More Dropouts

No more dropouts

Bubbles of Soap Cards and Hope

Bubbles of soap cards and hope

Emerging from the Dump

rising from the dump

Patrik Muzungo - An Angel for Children with Special Needs

Patrick Muzungo

Kenya We Have a Chance to Wake Up

Kenya we have a chance to wake up

ESD - Education for Sustainable Development - 2nd Primary School Nairobi

ESD Nairobi at 2nd primary

Drops of Life - A Stream of Hope

Drops of Life - a Stream of Hope