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International Activities

באנר אודות המכללה
International Activities

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Seminars and overseas bound delegations

As part of studies within the College, it is possible to take part in multi-cultural seminars with students from other countries as Northern Ireland, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany and Norway. The seminars are dialogue-oriented in essence and in each and every one of them, three main circles overlapping in various places: inter-personal encounter, pedagogic concepts and approaches and a unique dialogue adjusted to the seminars entire participants. The participants go on a journey during which they find their personal, group and professional identity. Learning and empowerment as individuals and as a group during the seminar improve their teaching capabilities and influences their life circles in general and the life of the College community in particular.

The seminars that began taking place in 2004 are varied and structured uniquely to match the partnering country.

Outstanding students embark on a three-week overseas trip with concentrated practical work, partaking in conferences and seminars, etc. 

Seminars are held with participation of groups from Northern Ireland, the United States, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Great Britan and Finland.

Practical overseas work

As of 2013, students who have excelled in seminars were sent for concentrated practical work abroad.

Inter-institute collaborations ERASMUS+
Collaborations between the College and European institutes ERASMUS+

The ERASMUS (European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) program is the EU's student exchange program.

ERASMUS+ is a European Union program that among other things supports the promotion of higher educaton among youth from 2014 to 2020. The program succeeds 7 EU programs that were concluded in 2013, including TEMPUS and ERASMUS MUNDOS.

ERASMUS+ is designed to enhance capabilities for improvement of the higher education system in the participating countries, enhancement the student employment capabilities and promotion of active citizenship among students. 

The program is based on international academic collaborations and promotes internationality, innovation and excellence.

The College partakes in several ERASMUS+ projects

ERASMUS+ - Staff & Students Mobility

The College and the European institute sign a cooperation agreement between them. Various activities can be carried out as part of this agreement.

In the 2016 academic year, the College focused on student and staff mobility between the College and institute in Europe.

  • Students can travel to Europe for studies of 3 to 12 months. The student is given a study stipend, covering the cost of travel, tuition and sustenance.  Every institute acknowledges the credit point accumulated by the student in the partnering institute.
  • Staff mobility is funded for terms of 5 days to two months for teaching and qualification activities and the minimal teaching time is of 8 hours.

The application is submitted by the European institute, while indicating the David Yellin Academic College of Education as its partner. The application is for cooperation during a period of 16 to 24 months.

"CURE" (CUrriculum REform)

This project is part of EU's ERASMUS project of education towards citizenship and democratic values.

The project's objective is to promote a reform in the Israeli and Georgian curriculum of civics in teacher training institutes. The project hosts 15 institutes: 5 Israel colleges, 5 Georgian universities and 5 universities from Austria, Poland, Estonia and England.

The project's objectives are to develop new courses, carry out faculty workshops and guide the heads of the student associations to promote education towards active citizenship and practical social activism.
In addition, the project would include a special mobility strand that would allow each of the participating academic institutes, from Israel and Georgia alike, to send 4 faculty members to symposiums in 3 European academic institutes.

For further information contact Dr. Tamar Meirovitch

Faculty Led

Faculty led foreign students studies in the College

The David Yellin Academic College offers foreign academic institutes to send faculty led student groups to a summer course in the College. The course would span over three to four weeks.

The program has a main theme, resulting from the College's specialization in training teachers and its location in Jerusalem, jointly established with the foreign institute and the group leading faculty member.

The course program to be constructed by the College would include lectures given by the College's faculty in conjunction with the visiting faculty member. In addition, the College will set up tours and meetings with the College's students and hold social activities and sightseeing.

Foreign delegation visits to the College