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The 5 Phenomenons of Extrability

Leadership as a Phenomenon of Extrability

Extrability in leadership means that society views people with disabilities as partners and leaders, as an integral part of steering teams as well as being the initiators of change. This model of leadership is seen clearly in Clubhouse International. Existing in thirty countries around the world, Clubhouse is a free, community-based organization aimed at helping people living with mental illness regain a respected place in society. Within this structure, participants make all decisions regarding the functioning of the center, including hiring and dismissal of support staff. Each member is recognized as possessing ability and being an important part of a powerful team.

How do people with disabilities recognize and develop their leadership Extrabilities?

How does society recognize people with disabilities as leaders?

How could Extrabilies in leadership impact solutions to existing and future challenges?

Research as a Phenomenon of Extrability

Collaborative research means that both sides engage with the process of academic studies together, as equals. Both sides contribute to this process with the understanding that all people have relevant and significant knowledge. Researchers with limitations are not the subject of examination, but full partners in the research. This is a transition from the traditional stance of "learning about" to, "learning with". This approach allows for a radical new method of study, creating the groundwork for both new areas of study as well as social dialogue and recognition.

What is the unique contribution of Extrability to collaborative research?

Education as a Phenomenon of Extrability

To work in the field of education means to bring extrability to the profession. For example, the Russian project, Cross-Rehabilitation, launched by Oleg Kolpashchikov, pairs the blind with former drug addicts in rehabilitation. Through inclusive games, workshops, training, conferences, and conversations, both sides establish and expand ties with a "healthy society". The ultimate objective is to gain economic and household independence. In both cases, these motivational meetings strengthen both sides, offering hope, courage, and confidence.

How can I as the educator recognize and develop the extrabilities in my students?

How can the educator with extrabilities improve and develop education?

Art as a Phenomenon of Extrability

Art is a natural and primal tool through which people can express their individuality and uniqueness. For those who have special educational needs  the Arts create a space and condition  for  self and social development.  We see an opportunity to use the creative arts as a bridge to facilitate inclusion based on Extrability.

What is the role of the  arts within the process of self- discovering and the development  of  personal Extarbility?

How can using the creative arts sustain the involvement of  self- development in life circles? 

What is the impact of  the process of engaging with the Arts and how does it enhance sustainability?

Employment as a Phenomenon of Extrability 

Employment is gained due to a recognition of outstanding skills and the extrability is expressed in work. An example of extrability in employment is seen in the groundbreaking program Assistants with Awareness, developed at Jerusalem’s David Yellin Academic College of Education. This program trains adults with cognitive impairment to work as assistants to kindergarten teachers. These adults are hired on equal terms as other assistants by the Jerusalem Municipality. The exceptional skills that develop as a result of disability in this context include social intelligence, non-judgemental understanding, and mutual connection with the children. Both sides experience a sense of acceptance. The disability is both a professional advantage and a valued asset to the children, community, and society.

Which professions today already utilize extrabilities?

How can we create a mutually enabling work environment that both recognizes and develops extrabilities for both the individual and the greater work force?