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Professional English Tutoring

המרכז ללימודי תעודה והשתלמויות
Professional English Tutoring

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לייעוץ ורישום ללימודים: 
02-6587528 ; 02-6587541
שעות קבלה: 
א' - ה' 9:00–12:00, 13:00–16:00
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Dr. Fern Levitt

Contact Einav, Continuing Education office

053-3608224 ; 02-6587541 ;

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Program topics

  • Understanding learning disabilities and tools for assessment and intervention;
  • Multiple approaches to teaching English reading and writing;
  • Pedagogical grammar;
  • Teaching reading, writing, spelling, comprehension and pronunciation to learners with difficulties through the phonics-based, structured, multi-sensory Hickey method;
  • Working with students at all levels with special educational needs;
  • Teaching for the Bagrut (English matriculation exam) and Meitzav (standard tests in 5th and 8th grades)
  • Preparing games and activities to support learning;
  • Supervised hands-on tutoring for Special Educational Needs;
  • Setting Up a Tutoring Business at Home; Language Learning Strategies; Teaching Conversation.
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I am coming out of the program, not only having enjoyed the classes immensely, but feeling very motivated and now enjoying this meaningful and rewarding new  endeavor. So thank you all.

Course format

As currently planned (April 2021), approximately fifty percent of class days will take place on the Yellin College campus with the remainder of sessions conducted using online platforms. Students should plan to be present during class times in both settings.

Practice tutoring with a student of your choice can be in person or online.

Duration: Two semesters, 6&8 academic hours per week, Thursdays: fall 8:30 –13:45, spring 8:30-15:30

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Program Schedule

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

8:30 – 10:00

Hickey Method – Teaching English literacy to struggling and beginning learners
Dr. Fern Levitt

Teaching English to students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Learning Disabilities, Naomi Nahmias

10:15 –11:45

The school English curriculum, pedagogical grammar – Ziona Sasson

The school English curriculum cont., Teaching English with Relevance and Creativity, Ziona Sasson


Teaching English to students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Learning Disabilities, Naomi Nahmias

Modular class: Getting Started as a Tutor; Language Learning Strategies; Reading and fluency training; Teaching Conversation Skills; The Lexical Approach



Practice tutoring supervision, Dr. Fern Levitt