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English Editing and Editorial Analysis

המרכז ללימודי תעודה והשתלמויות
English Editing and Editorial Analysis
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תעודת זהות

Consultation and Registration

053-3608224 ; 053-2712045 ; 02-6587541

Office hours

Sun-Thu 9:00 -12:00, 13:00 - 16:00

This program provides training and professional enrichment for people interested in becoming editors or already working as English language editors. The program imparts skills needed for the preparation of publication-quality texts for use in both print and electronic media.

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Director - Dr. Jen Sundick

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Program Objectives

Emphasis is placed on:

1) achieving competency in text assessment and development, content and copy editing and proofreading and formatting.

2) enhancing English language skills (grammar, spelling, punctuation, composition and style).

3) acquiring analytical tools to assess and develop texts (editorial analysis).

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Class discussions, in-class and individual exercises, readings and homework are integral parts of the program. Knowledge acquired in the first semester is applied during the second semester through the preparation of publication-quality texts encompassing a full range of editorial functions.

Among the applied projects during the second semester is the preparation of "The 21st Century Text", a digital journal that will be entering its sixth year of publication. "The 21st Century Text" reports on developments and issues related to writing, editing and global English.

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Successful completion of the program will lead to a certificate from the David Yellin Academic College.


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Visit the Program's online journal - "The 21st Century Text".

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