Mentoring and Mentorship for Teachers  of English - המכללה לחינוך דוד ילין

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Mentoring and Mentorship for Teachers of English

קורס להכשרת חונכים ומלווים למתמחים בהוראה באנגלית – דרגות 2–6 ב"אופק חדש"

Director: Dr Shai Aran, Ph.D., Inspector for English, Ministry of Education, teacher trainer and senior lecturer, David Yellin College of Education.

Participating lecturers: experts in the field.

In-service hours: two (2) annual credit hours.

Course Duration: January 2014 until may 2014.

Day: Sundays 16:00–19:15.

Population: Experienced teachers of English (at least three years' teaching in the school system) in all sectors of Israel's K -12 educational establishment.


To train qualified mentors and foster professional development of English department heads at all levels: elementary, junior high and high school and also -

  • to deepen participants’ theoretical and practical knowledge of second language learning and school practice;
  • to enhance participants’ understanding of schools as complex organizations and the potential of mentorship within the organization;
  • to better understand and practice supervision skills and strategies and leadership roles in the workplace;
  • to appreciate the complexities of tacit knowledge;
  • to understand the implications of novice stages of professionalism;
  • to explore the potential of technology in EFL instruction among new (young) teachers: web sites, smart boards, social network sites;

The course will consist of lectures, workshops, seminars and independent research as well as study days in Jerusalem OUTSIDE of the college.

Participants will engage in ongoing assignments.

Admissions requirements: At least three years teaching experience and school principal recommendation; Academic record; Personal interview.

In-service training credits (gmul hishtalmut): 60 hours in "Ofek Hadash".

All participants will receive a Teacher-Mentor certificate and will be eligible to mentor trainees in all subjects. This course is conducted in English.

Registration fee: 130 INS.

Prospective candidates are invited to contact Dr. Shai Aran: 050-6283031;;